Jean Lafitte Tourism Campaign

Jean Lafitte Lousiana logo

Jean Lafitte requested L&S to help combat the negative impression left by the nation’s largest Oil Spill. L&S worked with Jean Lafitte’s mayor and staff to organize and promote the town’s tourism and seafood industry, which included charter fishing companies, swamp tours and restaurants. We designed a new logo, website, brochure, billboards, and ad campaign that included print, tv and online ads. We started the town’s official facebook page and website, that soon became a great asset for the area and its businesses to promote events and attractions. L&S also organized a grand opening for the town’s new museum and rebranded nature trail that showcased the area’s wildlife, history and culture. We also coordinated the development of a retail store at the museum, which includes books, t-shirts, nature guides, and other novelty items. Results for the town included a renewed sense of community, increased patronage to the town’s businesses, a new website that is visited by thousands of people each month a and over 10,000 followers on facebook.