LeBlanc And Schuster has extensive experience In advertising, public relations and marketing, covering the following:


LeBlanc and Schuster has decades of experience creating logos and taglines that capture exactly what clients want their businesses and campaigns to portray.

Public Awareness and Issue Campaigns

LeBlanc and Schuster will craft persuasive messaging and coordinate with the media to ensure success in getting your message to the correct. audience

Political Campaigns

From school board members to state representatives, mayors and council members, Leblanc and Schuster has played a strategic role in electing many individuals in the New Orleans area.  We are there to quickly organize, create and coordinate a campaign to represent our clients and give them the best chance to win their election.


Affective tourism advertising can help boost visitation to a town and its businesses.  It takes a comprehensive approach that starts with knowing your target and setting out to attract them using a variety of marketing and advertising tools.


Professional photography is a major part of any brand or campaign.  The right photos can create emotional bonds, inspire your targeted audience and attract new business.  We specialize in crafting attractive and creative ways to reach busy and distracted consumers.

Special Events

Whether you are opening a new museum or trying to bring attendance to your festival, LeBlanc and Schuster is here to help get your event the exposure it needs to gain publicity and attendance.

Social Media

Social media is an essential part to any successful advertising campaign. We will make sure your message reaches your target audience to boost sales, visitation or awareness in the shortest time possible.