Grand Isle Tourism Campaign

Following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, the Gulf Coast was left with a manmade disaster of significant proportions. Grand Isle was at ground zero. Massive clean-up efforts ensued on both water and land, in a desperate attempt to save the delicate ecosystem surrounding the island. On top of this, the town—many of whose residents rely heavily on tourism—was left with a public relations nightmare. As the state, parish and town cleaned up the oil, the town turned to LeBlanc and Schuster (L&S) to get the word out that Grand Isle was back in business. L&S worked with town officials, the business community and residents to produce a campaign that showed an island on the rebound. The coordinated campaign included an eye-catching new logo, website, brochures, bumper stickers, maps, print ads, billboards, newsletters, and a facebook page. L&S also pitched stories to local and regional magazines and papers. Within several months, articles on Grand Isle appeared in magazines, the facebook page skyrocketed to more than 15,000 followers and the website gained over 100,000 hits. Visitation to Louisiana’s only inhabited barrier island experienced a resurgence, launching the momentum the town needed to continue promoting its tourism industry. The campaign also resulted in a number of collaborations with other community groups, such as a grassroots fundraiser to plant palm trees with the Grand Isle Garden Club and Nature Conservancy that raised over $25,000 dollars. This project has continued as an annual campaign to replenish and beautify the island’s environment. We also work annually with the Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration to raise awareness for the unique barrier island environment that attracts migratory birds and tourism from across the globe to Grand Isle.