Be Creative

Creative solutions, delivered on time and on budget - that's our service trademark. LeBlanc & Schuster is a full service public relations, advertising and marketing agency guided by the philosophy of...client first.

For over 30 years our team of professionals has taken the personal approach to meeting the needs of our clients. Our experience and diverse capabilities allow us to successfully take a project from concept development to implementation.

Make Money

Making money is the bottom line for any business. A successful business is a profitable one. Unfortunately, many businesses look at public relations, and marketing as overhead rather than an investment in the company's future. But the fact is, if done right, public relations campaigns and marketing plans will add to your bottom line, both directly and indirectly.

Perception is everything, and the more positive information that the public and the media know about our clients' businesses, agencies or organizations, the better. In crisis management, saying the wrong thing can exact a very high price - both in money and reputation.

Have Fun

At LeBlanc and Schuster... we work hard and set high standards for ourselves and the clients we serve. However, when it comes down to it, making money and being successful is worthless if we don't enjoy what we are doing.

Our professionals all have one thing in common, we like what we do and we like to find new and creative ways to provide those services to our clients.

That is where the fun comes in. At LeBlanc and Schuster our image and success are based on that of our clients'. And we want our clients to have as much fun in their business, as we have in ours.